6 Ways Students Can Make Money

In society today “how to make money” is what is on everyone’s mind. And this is no different from what students are thinking, so if you are student this should be of interest to you. I did some research and came up with some methods students can use to make money; all these methods listed below have all proven to be successful. I advice you pick the one that appeals to you.

1. Start a business.
Invest in your talent and Ideas, whatever they maybe. We are all skilled in various ways; you may be experienced in clothing and design, hand craft, beauty tip & cosmetics, information technology. 

If not that, with sufficient income you can start up a unisex salon, cyber-café or transportation business. All these have proven to be a very lucrative source of income, especially if it’s based on campus or in a highly populated student area.



2. Make Money by being a Sales Agent.
There is always someone who wants to buy or sell sometime. You just have to be well informed to know. Being a sales agent in school can be very profitable, you need to have a very good social and business skills. Try to make people familiar with you and your line of work. 

They are many factors that guarantee success in this business and trust in one of them. So try to be honest with people, because nobody will do business with you if you have a bad reputation on campus



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3. Repairs and Software Installation
Like I said earlier, “we are all skilled in various ways”, You can actually make good money by fixing devices such Laptops and mobile phone. In terms mobile phones, they are a lot of brands trending in the market today. 

These phones malfunction and you should take advantage of the situation by acquiring the skill to repair them, whether its hardware or software. Same applies to computers; you can earn money by carrying out software maintenance on peoples system. You can help in re-installing the latest version of windows or updating system drivers.
4. Start a blog, Advertise on it and Monetize its Content
This one is quite interesting, because that’s what I’m doing. Don’t be deceived by its easy title because it’s quite harder than it sounds. It requires a lot of commitment and hard work. Most of the popular bloggers didn’t just blow up overnight they actually started up small and worked their way to top. 

If you have a good writing skill you can start a blog of your own. And you may be lucking enough to get approved by “Al-mighty Google” that is every blogger dream. But before then, if you have enough traffic and unique visitors you may be lucky enough to start making money through direct advertising jobs; as people will pay you to publish their content on your blog.

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5. Start a Tutorial
You and a group of friends can profit from your high level of understanding by organizing a tutorial in your place of residence and coaching those who are having difficulties in their academics. However your fees should be very affordable so as to let everyone feel welcomed instead of exploited.

6. Modeling
This is really a high demand profession for most students today, as students are already going into per-time jobs like this. And its very lucrative too. You can make as high as 400k per job depending on the brand or organization you worked for. 

But be careful, it also has its dark sides; lots of rumors spread about models and the in-appropriate things they do in order to get a modeling job.

As time goes by many other job opportunity for students come up, so if you know any more, you can share them by leaving a comment. 

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