Apps and Codes to Force 3G ONLY or 4G LTE ONLY on Android Devices



You can manually force your Nokia, Samsung, HTC or any other android smartphone to use a stable 3G or 4G LTE network if your device keeps automatically switching to EDGE. This is method is often used when you plan on downloading or streaming but your device network connection isnt stable and automatically switches over to EDGE or any other wrong network because it has a stronger signal strength.


The solution is to then force 3G ONLY or 4G LTE ONLY network mode on your android device by using some android applications or secret short code that will display hidden menu. Note that in order for this tutorial to work, your phone must support 3G or 4G.

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Quick Methods to use 3G ONLY or 4G LTE ONLY on Android

Tap the mobile network and set your preferred network mode (3G, 4G or WCDMA only). Exit window and start browsing on a more advanced internet speed.

– This method is a quicker and doesn’t require any app or code, however not all phones have this options, which leads us to the method of forcing 3G and 4G LTE on android devices.



How to use USSD Code to set 3G, 4G or WCDMA only Mode

Step 1: Dial any of *#*#4636#*#*, *#*#2846579#*#*, ##626* OR ##786# (depending on which works for your device model) on your phone dial and follow after the pop-up window’s options.

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Step 2: Click on Phone information1 ==> set preferred network type or Project menu

==> Network settings ==> network mode set to complete the 3G/4G LTE only mode settings.




Force 3G – LTE/WCDMA Only Mode using Android APK App


This method involves using an android mobile app to access your device settings to manually enable 3G or 4G LTE network mode on your device. The app I recommend for this is 3G only network mode ( )




MTK Engineering Apps to Convert 2G to 3G /4G LTE

By making use of some advance MTK engineering apps you can manually switch your devices network connect from EDGE to 3G WCDMA mode. This tutorial is going to provide instructions for this process using an app called MTK Engineer App, you can get the app from playstore.

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Launch it and navigate to Android settings ==> Telephony.

Locate the network options and set the preferred network mode. Note that Mobile Uncle Tools can be used in place of MTK Engineer app.

For high-end devices with Qualcomm processor, install the Shortcut Master app from Google play store ==> launch it and navigate to Menu.

Search for Service Menu/Engineering Mode and complete the Protocol Configuration ==> NAS ==> Network Control ==>Band Selection ==> preferred LTE Band.

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