Summary of JAMB Sweet Sixteen Chapter Six [STEREOTYPE]

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In this post you will get a detailed summary of sweet sixteen chapter 6 titled STEREOTYPE . Sweet Sixteen by Bolaji Abdullahi is the JAMB recommended text for UTME this year and it contains just 53 pages and 7 chapters.


This chapter captures further explanations, different from the letter content but based on generally confusing issues about society going on, on Aliya’s mind. Their conversation of the previous day does not continue, not minding that Chelsea has won the match.

Mr. Bello has to attend to other important issue. Aliya reads Kahlil Gibran’s The Prophet. Ironically, it makes her fall asleep much faster. By the time she wakes up the next morning, the sun is already up. Now her father is seriously frowning at anyone who does not say their morning prayers before sunrise and she is well aware of that. She has a pair of rabbit-like slippers which is given to her by Auntie Molara.



The family settles for yam and fried eggs as breakfast. Aliya and her dad has expected to finish their conversation when her mum leaves but were a bit disappointed when she informes both of them that she is off duty for the day. Her parents loves each other very much and thus live in peace and harmony. They seldom fight and even when they did they would make sure she does not get to know about it. However, she will manage to find out usually from her mom’s actions.

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Her morn will put up a repulsive and irritable attitude, and such occasions Aliya will be cautious and scared to go close to he But her dad will just act all cool and normal. Aliya mentions to her dad about Rebecca. They stay in the same hostel but not the same room, she is in SS3 while Aliya is in SS2 The girl has said that all muslims are killers and that they will all go to hell. He cautions her not to give into stereotypes by behaving how she has been mirrored by the person.

He reminds her of what Muhammed Ali said that “hating people because of their color or religion is wrong” He explains to her what stereotype means. He makes her understand that it is a way of making general statements or assumptions, that is, using the action of a few members of a group or class of persons to represent or categorize everyone from that group or class.

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He makes her aware of statements like ‘every Muslim is a killer’, etc. He reprimads her against the foolishness and illogicality of such statements and urges her never to make such utterances to others. He encourages her not to bother fighting people who do that as it is just a sign of their lack of understanding.

Speaking of stereotypes, she tells her dad about how people are making fun of her because of her body size and how they call her all sorts of insulting names like Fatima and Latifat. She recounts an experience of how a teacher has humiliated her during a class in front of everyone and even drew mockery images on the board representing her. Mr. Bello is genuinely alarmed that a teacher could behave in that crude manner.

He reminds her about a quote from Gandhi…which states that no one can hurt you without your consent, and promised to promptly take up the matter with the Principal whom he has a cordial relationship with. He advises her to rise above personal feelings and sentiments so as to see another way of looking at the world.

He ends with a short story of a white slave trader and one of the enslaved black men. They both survive a shipwreck and finds themselves on a deserted island. Instead of the black slave to take revenge on his white captor who has treated him with great contempt he rather helps him recover from his injuries.

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