JAMB Sweet Sixteen CHAPTER FIVE Summary – DATING

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In this post you will get a detailed summary of sweet sixteen chapter 5 titled DATING. Sweet Sixteen by Bolaji Abdullahi is the JAMB recommended text for UTME this year and it contains just 53 pages and 7 chapters.


Sweet Sixteen CHAPTER FIVE Summary – DATING

Aliya wants to know if it is okay with her father if she goes into a dating relationship, especially now that she has turned 16. At first she is quite shy to say it out to him, but since it is a pressing issue on her mind she has to open up and talk about it with him.



She meets her father in the living room trying to put on the television with a remote control. But the batteries are bad so the TV does not come on. She describes the television as “No testing” like her aunty would say.

The television is looking dead and black. She thinks of how to start the conversation. Finally she begins by saying: “Daddy you know I am 16 “Her dad didn’t seem to pay much attention to what she is saying and this gets her a bit annoyed. He is a devout fan of the English football club Chelsea and they have a match that afternoon.

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She asks her father if it is okay for her to date. He pretends he does not know what she means. Then he said, after listening to her, that he quite does not have a problem with people dating, but the challenge is whether they have what it takes to sustain such an affair. He tells her about the risk of indulging in amorous activities of any kind and its consequences on her academics.

He is definitely sure she is not mature enough to handle the pressure of a dating relationship and he makes her realize that people pay a huge sacrifice whenever they go into such activities and that in the end it may not be worth it after all.

He tells her that before she does anything it is important for her to weigh the pros and cons, and most times, according to him, the cons outweighs the pros because one is paying a serious sacrifice for something which could have waited to a more appropriate time.

She thinks about Bobo, her classmate who has bought her a teddy bear on her birthday. She has been crushing on him secretly and unconsciously without openly admitting. However, her father uses this to teach her important lessons on how to checkmate her emotions.

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In the end she really appreciates having a man like him for a father. He told her about the 5-why test. He says that by asking ‘WHY’ five times any issue could be clarified and seen for what it really is. She also tells her father some of the slangs they use on social media, and their meanings, slangs like: HAK, KOTL, 53X & KPC which respectively mean: Hugs and kisses, Kisses on the lips, Sex and keep parents clueless. She tells her dad about Zak.

He is her schoolmate. He is also in the school football team. One day, he hands a note after assembly which says: “Do you know any cardiologists, because my heart skips a beat every time I think of you”. After their conversation, her father replaces the dead remote battery with new AA batteries and then the TV comes alive.

They converse for some time more. Then he promises her they shall continue the discussion after the football game. She hopes Chelsea win as her dad may not be in the mood to talk if they do not.

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