Summary of JAMB Sweet Sixteen Novel Chapter 7 [Beauty]

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In this post you will get a detailed summary of sweet sixteen chapter 7 titled BEAUTY. Sweet Sixteen by Bolaji Abdullahi is the JAMB recommended text for UTME this year and it contains just 53 pages and 7 chapters.


Sweet Sixteen Chapter Seven Summary – Beauty

This is the concluding part of the story. The story has it that aliya’s mum has gone to the salon to make her hair, while Aliya lies on her bed thinking about the story her dad has told concerning the slave and his Wicked captor. She finds it hard to believe that a person can still respond with such acts of kindness, even after being subjected to so much suffering and humiliation.



After the afternoon prayers, her dad goes to her room to finish the conversation they have started earlier because he will travel the next day. On entering her room a copy of Charles Dickens’ Great Expectations is on her desk. She asked her dad if what happened in the story is possible.

He confirmed to her that even though he knows it is difficult, but certainly, it is possible. He then said that he has told her the story to teach her that people can be influenced positively if she reacts to them differently; instead of looking to pay them back for any injury they may have caused her. She then remembers her biology teacher whom she has sworn never to forgive because he ridicules her before the whole class by calling her mockery names like Fatima and Latifat.

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She also tells him about a girl in SS 3 by name Bunmi, who makes it her life assignment to always pick on her, because she feels that Aliya thinks she is better than every other person. He explains to her that maybe the girl feels intimidated by her, that could be why she always picks on her.

He tells her that people who bully others or ridicule them can be doing that because they feel intimidated by those other people, who they perceive as superior to them so they respond bulling or mocking them. Then he begins to correct some of the wrong notions people had about the concept of beauty.

He makes her understand that people define beauty according to their cultural background, and because of that the definition of beauty differs from place to place. He told her that what made one beautiful was one’s heart; a beautiful person is one who has a beautiful heart; who always looks to bring happiness to other people. He further tells her that a beautiful heart is better than a beautiful face.

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He urges her to never take the privileges she has for granted, rather she should endeavor to plan for her own kids and succeeding generations too. He ends with a short story of a hunter who goes on an unsuccessful mission, and after starving for so long, stumbles on a restaurant in the forest where he is taken care of with food and drinks all paid for by his ancestors, and is required to pay for his children’s meals.

The moral of this story is that information that is received by one should be passed on to succeeding generations. It also teaches that the same way he has given her a good foundation she too is responsible to do same for her own kids as well when her time comes to have her own family. Aliya loves her father for these wonderful lessons he teaches her.

Finally, she considers her mum a lucky woman for having a husband such as him. She says a long prayer “God bless you, my father, teacher, and my prophet”.

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