Guidelines on Registering for JAMB with Old or New Mobile Numbers



Here is everything you need to know about registering for JAMB and Purchasing ePINs with New or Previously used Mobile Numbers.

Can i use the same phone number which i used for last years JAMB to register for jamb again this year?” Many JAMB candidates frequently ask this question, luckily this question has been discussed in the most recent JAMB newsletter.


Registering for JAMB with Previously Used Mobile Numbers

Below are some guideline on Profile Code Generation and Purchase Of e-Pin For New And Previously Used Numbers.



  • Previously Used Numbers for JAMB Registrations can only be re-used by the same Candidate (Not another candidate)
  • A Previously Used Number is a GSM Telephone Number (SIM) used for Profile Code Creation, e-PIN Vending and Registration in Previous Registration Exercises. This can be used for the 2019 Registration ONLY BY THE SAME CANDIDATE.
  • The Candidate who is using his/her previous number for the second or third time will use the same profile code to purchase the new e-PIN.
  • If the Profile Code has been forgotten, the candidate can send RESEND to 55019 and he/she would recover the Old Profile Code.
  • In other words, the Old Profile Code can be used by the same candidate to procure the new e-PIN. No new profile code is required.
  • However, Candidate cannot change names by using CORRECT on this existing number as this Profile is already tied to the existing number (typically done before Registration)
  • Candidate can use the command UTMEPIN and DEPIN to retrieve 2019 UTME e-PIN after e-PIN purchase.
  • Candidate can register at any JAMB CBT Center with existing Profile (e-Mail, Telephone Number, Profile code) which cannot be changed.
  • Existing Profile or already used number cannot be transferred to another candidate.
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Registering for JAMB New Numbers

  • New Numbers will follow the normal pattern of Registration as prescribed and advertised.
  • Candidates will be able to register as normal by sending their Surname, Firstname and Middlename to 55019
  • Candidates will be able to send CORRECT to 55019 in case of error before Registration
  • Candidates will be able to retrieve newly generated Profile Code by using RESEND.
  • Candidates will be able to Purchase e-PIN from any accredited outlet using newly generated Profile code as usual.
  • Candidates will be able to use UTMEPIN and DEPIN after purchase of e-PIN to retrieve lost e-PIN.
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Sharing Mobile Numbers for JAMB Registration is NOT Allowed

Also note that candidates are not allowed to share phone numbers for JAMB registration.

“No two persons must use a single GSM number in commencing the registration process as it will not be acceptable.

“The way it is configured is one individual to one telephone number that will remain exclusive to that single individual for the purpose of the entire examination process.

“Not even siblings are allowed to share a particular telephone number for this purpose.

“For instance, if candidate A used a telephone number to send his name to the code in the past, candidate B, who is a sibling to A cannot use that number for that purpose again.

“But candidate A, who probably might not have been able to pass the examination, can still use that particular line again to send his name to that code whenever the need arises,’’


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