TSTV Introduces “Pay as You Watch” – to Show EPL and FA Cup

TSTV subscribers are going to be enjoying a pay as you watch per hour billing system. A feature which Nigerians have been anxiously waiting for due to the epileptic power supply in the country.



TSTV will be showing EPL and FA Cup Matches, According to the Chief Operating Officer, Mr. Benjamin Zidah, TSTV will show one English Premiership match every week as well as the English FA and the NBA as from next month.

The announcements were made known recently, when the Chief Operating Officer, Mr. Benjamin Zidah addressed the journalists in Abuja.

“TSTV will introduce pay as you watch on per hour. This has been done as a result of the power situation in the country and taking into consideration that customers may not be at home all the time,” he explained.

According to Zidah though at inception there were challenges; the firm is now ready for business.

“It has not been easy. We made some specific goals, we have to continue; we have struggled but we have overcome the storm.

“We are poised to do business. We have consolidated on our past and we use best global practices in going forward.We have gone for a strategic partnership with Azercosmos, a satellite company from Azerbaijan”




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Speaking further he said after carefully studying the African market, they chose TSTV in Nigeria.

“This partnership will increase our technical and content capacity,” he said.


On content development he said:

“We have also partnered both local and foreign content producers together with our in-house content to increase our content. “We have also partnered third party channels in order to increase our number of channels. “We have overhauled our management to meet the current challenges.”




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