JAMB Novel: Sweet Sixteen Characters and Their Roles Played



Here you will get a list of all characters in JAMB 2019 recommended Novel, Sweet Sixteen and their roles played in the JAMB Novel. Many JAMB 2019 English questions are expected to come from Sweet Sixteen and questions will carry a lot of mark, therefore candidates are advised to study the novel Sweet Sixteen by Bolaji Abdullahi.

The JAMB Edition of Sweet Sixteen contains 7 chapters and 53 pages, therefore i believe this should be very easy to read severally and understand before the CBT.

Sweet Sixteen Characters and Roles played

Characters in JAMB Sweet Sixteen Novel and Their Roles Played.




Who is Aliya?

Aliya is the main character of the Novel Sweet Sixteen. She is the only child of her parents and is very close to her dad. She faces some moral challenges in school and as she turns 16, she has a lot of questions.

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Who is Mr Bello?

Mr Bello is Aliya’s dad, husband to Mrs Bello, son to Big Mummy. He is a journalist. He loves Aliya so much and keeps eyes on her as she grows up. He is well read and makes practical references to some text.


Who is Mrs Bello?

Mrs Bello is the mother to Aliya, wife to Mr Bello, daughter to a middle class family, she is a nurse. She loves her family but is not as close to Aliya as Mr Bello.


Who is the Principal?

An older man compared to Mr Bello, a Christian and a native of Tiv . He admires Aliya and he is a good friend to Mr Bello. He calls Aliya “Daddy’s angel and Superstar”


Who is Bobo?

He is a classmate to Aliya, who gave her a Teddy bear on Valentine’s Day. He later moved to Ireland. There was a time he went to the canteen with a girl known as: Morayo


Who is Akin?

Akin is a Aliya’s Classmate, He is also know to make provocative jokes. Akin is also a very brilliant student.


Who is Miss Salako?

She is the mathematics teacher that punished Akin for making jokes in her geometry class.

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Who is Bunmi?

She is a bully from a senior class that bullies Aliya.


Who is the Biology Teacher?

An insensitive teacher who calls Aliya: Fatima


Who is Zak?

Zak is a proud boy in Aliya’s school who gave her a love short note.


Who is Grace?

Aliya’s roommate who hardly talks. This made people think she was a snub.


Who is Bisi?

Bisi is the girl who tried tricking Aliya from running to the Principal’s office.


Who is Big Mummy

Big Mummy is Mr Bello’s mum, Aliya; grandma and Mrs Bello mother-in-law.


Who is Aunty Molara?

Aunty Molara is Mrs Bello younger sister and Aliya’s aunt.


Who is Sogo?

Sogo is Aliya’s classmate whom the father said will study law since he is a lawyer.


Who is Rebecca?

Rebecca is Aliya’s classmate that provoked her with thoughts about religion and terrorism.


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These are the major characters in JAMB Sweet Sixteen novel and a summary of the roles which each of the characters played in the novel. Study them carefully because you are most likely to see questions on this in your exams.

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