Tips to Troubleshoot “DSTV Xtra View alert” Problems

The DSTV Xtra View alert issue which usually displays “waiting for communication from primary decoder” is often caused by poor connectivity which makes your decoder to loose signals.



This post will provide tips on how to troubleshoot your DSTV when you get common errors such as Xtra View alert, Extra view ready but inactive etc.


How to Troubleshoot DSTV Xtraview Alert (waiting for communication from primary decoder)

Confirm the signal strength and signal quality on both decoders, also make sure the heartbeat cable is securely connected.

To secure the signal, try fixing the LNB cable(remove then reconnect).



To check the signal simply press the MENU button and select INFO CENTRAL.

Also ensure the cable connected on the RF OUT port is securely connected at the back of secondary decoder, then reboot.


Other Alternatives;

To resolve issues of “Extra view ready but inactive” and “DSTV Xtraview Alert” I advised you contact DSTV customers care via social media or visit the nearest customer care centre.


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