UTME Compulsory Novel: Sweet Sixteen for JAMB 2019/20 English (Summary)

Sweet Sixteen by Bolaji Abdullahi is said to be the recommended English novel for JAMB 2019/20 UTME. Below is a summary of Sweet Sixteen Chapters.



The JAMB 2019 Recommended Novel Sweet Sixteen is about a girl called Aliya, who is usually referred to as “My First Lady” by her father. Aliya is the protagonist of the novel and constantly reminding her father that she is no longer a child but ‘a young adult’, but her father does not always agree with her.  This fictional novel contains 53 pages and was written by Bolaji Abdullahi and published on February 1st, 2017.


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Title: Sweet Sixteen

Author: Bolaji Abdullahi

Genre: Fiction

Format: Paperback

Dimension: 5.5 X 8.5

Number of Pages: The JAMB Edition of Sweet Sixteen contains 7 Chapters and 53 Pages.

Publication Year: February 1, 2017

Publisher: TND Press Limited

ISBN: 978-978-546-375-0

Category: Coming of Age, Teen/Young Adult Fiction

Available at: Bookstores nationwide.


Sweet Sixteen Summary (Chapter 1)

Aliya is the lead character of the Novel Sweet Sixteen. She is also the only child of her parents. Aliya believes that at sixteen she should be considered as a young adults and not a child. She has also been more attracted to adult issues. Aliya feels stupid when ever she is being referred to as a child. She believes she is an adults trapped in a child’s body.

Aliya is Asthmatic. Her dad always made sure she had her Ventolin Inhaler when ever he came visiting. This was also his way of ending their conversations. She is also chubby but hates being called fat.

Aliya’s mother is nurse but her father who’s name is Mr Bello has had several jobs over the years. Mr Bello was a journalist at the time Aliya was born, then worked as a Public relations officer when Aliya was in Primary School, then when Aliya entered secondary school which was a the age of 12, Mr Bello worked with an international organisation which helped the poor in Africa.

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Aliya’s mom was always fascinated about Birthdays, However her Father Mr Bello never liked birthday celebrations because he felt the only events worth celebrating were achievements. Aliya father always called her my first lady. This was written in the first birthday letter which she received from him, it read ” Happy Birthday my first lady, Remember that only God is greater than you”. Although she never really understood why he always called her “my first lady”. But she guessed it was because she was his first child or she was very special to him.

Aliya had a friend in school named Grace who didn’t like to talk much. This made people think she was a snub but Aliya understood her personality and saw grace as a nice and generous person.

Akin was Aliya’s classmate. Akin was smart but also very annoying and everyone including the mathematics teacher Miss Salako were aware of his frustrating character. In geometry class, Akin once pronounced mensuration as menstruation. This made the class burst into laughter and provoked Miss Salako. She punished him for that, but surprisingly Akin still got an A in mathematics at the end of the term.

Aliya was a science student but found chemistry very difficult, although she succeeded in passing her chemistry continuous assessment test after studying really hard.

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Aliya got a valentine gift from a boy in her school whose real name is Tokunbo but was popular called Bobo. Bobo gave Aliya a teddy bear with a message on the heart saying “I Love You”. Aliya told her dad about bobo’s gift while they where discussing at the chess ground. She also told her dad that bobo said he likes her, but when Mr Bello asked Aliya if she also liked Bobo, she replied No.

Mr Bello then cautioned Aliya about boys and how most boys exploit young and dumb girls. He made it clear to her by saying boys only likes dumb girls and bobo may only like her because he feels she is dumb but she objected and later asked if she could return bobo’s gift but Mr Bello say the decision was up to her.



Later on, while was speaking to bobo and attempting to return the gift the duty master approached which made them suddenly end their conversation. Bobo later travelled to Ireland with his family without informing Aliya and she was very unhappy about this.

On Aliya sixteenth birthday her dad who didn’t celebrate birthdays surprised her by giving her portable digital camera and a birthday card which was written “sweet sixteen” and a letter titled “Letter to my daughter”. She felt her dad copied Maya Angelou’s work in the letter but later observed only the titles were similar, the words were his.

The letter began with ‘How time flies’ and each page was for each year of her life. These gifts by her dad were given to her through her principal.

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