Jumia Black Friday Bestselling Flash Sales and Treasure Hunt Items



The 2018 Jumia black Friday festival and the amazing Flash sales and Treasure hunt deals of up to 99% off is here again. The 2018 Jumia black Friday deals commenced on the 2nd of November and would end on 30th of November 2018.


Each day a lucky customer who par-takes in the 2018 Jumia Black Friday will get to win an amazing treasure hunt deal. 



This post will provide details on Best Deals on the Day, Jumia Flash Sales and tips and clues on how to win the Jumia black friday treasure hunt deals.


Jumia Black Friday Deals of the day

Thousands of items are sold on Jumia black Friday daily at amazing prices. To find the items which others previous purchased at discounted prices visit the Deals of the Day page – Click HERE



Latest Jumia Flash Sales and Amazing Black Friday Deals

Customers with fastest fingers can shop on the Jumia Flash sale. Items are put up for sale within the hours and the faster customers to puchase gets the item.

To see latest items on 2018 Jumia Black friday Flash sale – CLICK HERE



Tip and Clues on Winning the Treasure Hunt

Here are tips on how to spot and bag one of these rare treasures during the Jumia Black Friday Festival:


Treasure hunt items are announced on all Jumia social media handles. Follow to be the first to know – facebook, twitter, instagram

Keep in mind there is only one item available for each Treasure Hunt product that is announced.

The item can be hidden anywhere across the Jumia website.

You must search thoroughly across all shopping categories to find it (For example, an iPhone X treasure hunt might be hidden in the diaper section).

Finding the product is not just enough. Quickly place an order for it and make sure you get an order confirmation. Do this before tweeting about it. Its the fastest fingers first!

Anyone affiliated with Jumia is not allowed to participate.

There will be Treasure hunt items hidden across the Jumia website everyday until the 13th of December.


To view a list of JUMIA Black Friday Treasure Hunt Calenders – Click Here 



Jumia Treasure Hunt 2018 Terms and Conditions

1. A customer can only buy ONE treasure hunt item treasure hunt item during this promotion

2. The winner will need to be physically present at the Jumia Corporate office to pick up the item



3. The winner agrees that his/her pictures can be used by Jumia for promotional purposes

4. Eligible winners must verify identity online with an account on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

5. Recent Jumia treasure hunt winners are not eligible to participate. 


Note that the Jumia 2018 treasure hunt deals can only be won via the Jumia App.


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