Fake GPS APP: How to Detect GPS spoofing by Uber or Taxify Drivers

There have been numerous reports of GPS spoofing(Fake GPS) by Uber and Taxify drivers. The drivers use apps like Lockito to inflate rider fares. This act is fast becoming a menace and nightmare for riders in Lagos,Nigeria.



Lockito App is now the best fake gps for uber and taxify drivers in Lagos, Nigeria and this used boast fares at the cost of their riders.

A rider recently shared her experience and tips to detect and report drivers guilty of GPS spoofing(Fake GPS). The content below was provided by Tweeter User Uchay.


How to Detect GPS spoofing(Fake GPS)

So there’s been an epidemic of GPS spoofing by uber drivers lately. I’m a heavy user due to school runs and I estimate that about 3-4 out of every 5 rides I order have the distances inflated due to GPS spoofing.




Of course this inflates the cost of the ride which is the drivers’ goal.

I’m not sure why these drivers are not blocked from continuing to work with uber; it may be due to a dearth of drivers who qualify otherwise…


Uber refunds if you complain, but it takes about 7 – 10 days for the refund to hit your account, which I find irritating. Anyway, you can tell very easily when your driver has used a GPS spoofing app because the trip route *that the driver has taken* will usually include zig-zags due to the vehicle location jumping between points on the map.


Note that the uber app shows you the route the driver is expected to take and not the actual route recorded as having been taken.

At the end of the trip you can check the trip route, but its usually a low res image.


However, uber has a feature to share your trip with someone else, and this generates a url to a map that shows the route the driver has taken, and this is what you need. Its a map you can zoom into if you like details (like me)


I am hoping that that if everyone with a spoofed ride reports to uber and gets a refund, then the drivers will gradually realize that their efforts are fruitless and perhaps the issue will fade out.

So here’s a nifty guide to help:


  1. Once you’re on a ride, tap the lower part of the app to pull up the menu

Uber fake gps app 1

Select the option to share trip status



Select the share symbol on the upper right corner


Select the app you want to share on.. I generally prefer Whatsapp


When you send the message, you can tap on it to open the URL, or just copy the url portion and paste in a browser.



This is what a normal trip should look like…

And this is definitely a spoofed trip


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