JAMB CAPS: Meaning of Sorry No Admission Giving Yet, In Progress Check Back Later



Have you seen messages such as “Admission in Progress Check Back Later”, “Sorry, No Admission is given yet” or JAMB CAPS Showing Welcome only.

This post will provide some answers to frequently asked questions on JAMB CAPS admission portal.

Below are some tips to help understand and resolved some issues on JAMB CAPS admission status portal;




JAMB CAPS Showing Welcome

If you see a “welcome” message when trying to check your JAMB admission status, do not panic, this is because you are using a mobile phone and the portal isn’t compatible with a mobile device. However you can follow these steps and learn how to check JAMB CAPS using mobile phone.


What does admission in progress check back later means

it is likely that you have met the requirements to be admitted in your school of choice but not yet considered for admission due to issues like admission quota, ELDS, Male to female ratio etc. This means you may have a chance of being admitted if some other candidates that were offered admission in the school decide to reject the admission.



Sorry, No Admission is given yet 

This can either mean your school is yet to release their admission list or You just have not been offered admission because the candidate has not met the requirements for admission. Check back later. The same applies to NOT Admitted. 



Guidelines about JAMB CAPS Accept, Not Admitted and RECOMMENDED


1. Majority of UTME and Direct entry candidates have “Not Admitted” notification on the JAMB CAPS Admission Acceptance page. This means their institution of choice is yet to offer the candidate provision admission.
2. Do not be in a haste to click “Accept” in your CAPS Profile. It is advised you wait until you have received an admission notification from the institution of your choice and your admission status changes to “ADMITTED”. It is believed that if you click accept without being offered admission, you have accepted a non-existent Admission.
3. UTME and DE candidates will see both both “ACCEPT” and “DECLINE” options when their institution of choice releases it admission list.
4. Candidate who have already accepted a provisional admission will no longer be placed in the “JAMB CAPS MARKET PLACE”.


5. Candidates who see “NOT Admitted” will surely be placed in the CAPS MARKET PLACE. i.e waiting for schools that couldn’t meet up with their Admission Quota to admit you on request.

6. For those that their Admission Status reads “RECOMMENDED”, the possible meaning to that is though your school of choice has considered you for admission, JAMB is still reviewing your admission to ensure it complies with all the necessary criteria put in place by your school of choice and JAMB.


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