Processes that Qualifies Onboarded N-Power beneficiaries for Payment



Below are processes that qualifies an onboarded 2017 N-Power beneficiary for payments according to the scheme;


What is Onboarded in NPower

Onboarded means you were pre-selected successfully at physical verification and logged in to input account details, photo ID and were onboarded before 19th July 2018.

(However, about 3,000 of you were onboarded beyond this date and would be included in the supplementary list which is yet to be released.)




To be enrolled for payment, a beneficiary must have gone through the following steps;

  1. You must have been deployed by your state to place of primary assignment (PPA).
  2. You must have resumed at your Place of Primary Assignment.
  3. You must have uploaded a signed letter by the Head of your PPA on your portal that states that you have resumed.
  4. Deployment Schedule must have been sent by your state to the N-Power team in Abuja.
  5. Validation and confirmation of your deployment to your PPA (Matching your uploaded letter to the state deployment schedule).
  6. . . .Then you can expect payment.



NPower Tech Hardware Training

NPower Tech hardware will commence training on the  29th of October, 2018. 


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