ATSWA Exam Study Pack on Principles & Practices of Financial Accounting [PDF]

ATSWA Exam Study Pack on Principles & Practices of Financial Accounting

To develop knowledge and understanding of principles and concepts of Financial Accounting and the ability to apply the principles learned for the preparation of financial accounts for sole traders, partnership, companies not for profit entities and Small and Medium sized Enterprises (SMES).




On successful completion of this paper, candidates should be able to:
a) Explain accounting concepts and convention adopted in generally accepted financial accounting principles
b) Explain the context and purpose of financial reporting
c) Demonstrate the use of double-entry and accounting systems
d) Record transactions and events
e) Prepare basic and extended trial balance including identifying and correction of errors and other adjustments
f) Prepare financial statements for Incorporated and unincorporated entities
g) Use simple ratio analysis to Interpret financial statements

ATSWA Study Pack on Principles & Practices of Financial Accounting – Download






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