Whatsapp Banking Numbers for All Nigerian Banks

Nigerian banks had begun to introduced a mobile banking service called Whatsapp banking. This service is designed to provide customers with easy and reliable banking transactions, the WhatsApp banking service in Nigeria allows users to automate most parts of the banking experience, providing customers the ease of remote banking with the efficiency of the best personnel and the intimacy of a customized experience.




This post will provide the Whatsapp Banking numbers for all Nigeria banks and details on how to use Whatsapp banking on your internet-enabled mobile phone.


Whatsapp Banking Services

The WhatsApp service enables customers chat with their banks on their mobile phones and request for basic banking services using the advised prompts. All service requests will be treated instantly,depending on the internet connection of the user.




Some of the services customers can access via the WhatsApp Banking platform include;

BVN display

Balance Enquiry

Request Payday Loan

Account Opening.


List of Nigerian Banks using Whatsapp Banking Service

The whatsapps banking service will be fully launched in most Nigerian Banks by September 2018, therefore the service is yet to be available for all Nigeria bank at the moment.

However below are some of the Nigerian banks that currently support whatsapp banking service.

First Bank

Access Bank




How to Use Whatsapp Banking in Nigeria


Access Bank Whatsapp Banking Number

To connect with Access Bank on Access WhatsApp, all customers need to do is, add the mobile number- +234 9090 901 901, as a contact in their phones – “Access WhatsApp Banking”- the same way they would any other number.

After saving the number on their phones all they need to do to activate the service is send a “Hi”. It is important to note that customers must use the number registered to their personal accounts with the Bank.

All service requests on Access WhatsApp are treated instantly, and the speed of transaction is dependent only on the internet connection of the user.

Services customers can access via the Access WhatsApp Banking platform include; BVN display, Balance Enquiry, Request Payday Loan and Account Opening.




This post will be Updated frequently with the whatsapp banking numbers for various Nigerian banks.


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