9mobile Chat Pak: KPN .ktr Config File to Power all Apps (September 2018)

The latest 9mobile KPN Tunnel .KTR config will be provided in this post. The 9mobile September cheat works with 9mobile chat pak and will perfectly power all apps on your android phone.




9mobile chat pak is a data plan which provides affordable data for WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Wechat, 2Go and all other instant messaging related apps.


This post will provide full details on how to use KPN tunnel on 9mobile chat pak to power all apps on your android mobile. This 9mobile free browsing settings connects within seconds and is very stable at the moment.




First activate a 9mobile Social Pak plan



9Mobile Social Pak and Subscription Codes


Below are a list of 9mobile Chat and social Pak Data Plans

9mobile Chat,

weekly =>N150>> 300MB


9mobile chat

daily => N50>> 30mb


9mobile special

Chat pak=>N500 >>1.5GB


9mobile special

social me pack => N700>> 2GB

To subscribe to any of the 9mobile social pack plan, simply dial  *200*3*3#.


9mobile Free Browsing Settings with KPN Tunnel

To begin – Download KPN Tunnel

Download Latest KPN Tunnel .KTR config file for 9mobile social chat pak – HERE

Now import the KTR config file into KPN tunnel app by following these guide;

× At the home tab of your KPNTunnel, click on the triple dot at the right side above.

× Then click on (Config Options), then locate and import the KTR config fille.

x You will be notified if succesfully imported

x Now go to ‘kpntunnel setting’ and ensure that the ( SSH TUNNEL) is ticked


Now connect and enjoy your browsing.




All credits goes to Loyal Teams(LTN)


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