How to Activate 4G LTE on Airtel, MTN, GLO Nigeria SIM



4G LTE phone below 30k naira

You can now activate and upgrade your SIM to a 4G LTE enabled SIM and enjoy a super-fast internet and browsing experience on MTN, GLO, Airtel. This post will show how to activate 4G LTE network on your SIM and also check and confirm if your SIM is 4G enabled.


What is 4G LTE

LTE (Long Term Evolution) stands for the 4th generation of telecommunications technology that delivers very high data speeds. With LTE, you can enjoy HD video streaming, video calls, superfast. downloads, online gaming and so much more.



LTE offers faster download and upload speeds that will considerably improve your internet experience. With LTE you can stream music and video, upload and download faster. You can essentially use your mobile or tablet like a fixed line Internet connection.

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4G LTE Internet Settings

Existing settings on your phone/ device will support LTE service, therefore you don’t need any other configuration settings.




Yes your regular data plans works on 2G, 3G and 4G.



How to Activate and Check MTN 4G LTE SIM Status

Swap your current SIM for a USIM at the nearest MTN customer care outlet, then Simply text 4G to 131 from your mobile device. You will receive an SMS telling you if your SIM or device is 4G/LTE ready. Also be sure the device supports Band 7 (2600MHz).

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How to Upgrade Glo SIM to 4G LTE

Visit the nearesr Glo customer care center and Swap your current SIM for a USIM.


How to Check if your Phone Supports GLO 4G

To check if your phone supports LTE for Glo, Text 4G to 400, and You’d receive an SMS to check your if phone or device supports LTE for Glo. it may aslo interest you to know that on GLO OGA SIM you get bonus data when you upgrade to a 4G SIM.


How to Activate Airtel Nigeria 4G

You will need to get a 4G SIM. Simply visit an Airtel Store near you to get or upgrade your current sim to 4G SIM.


9mobile 4G

To use 9mobile 4G,  you do not have to visit their shops for SIM swap to enjoy the LTE service on your line. This is because tthe 9mobile LTE service comes up automatically provided your device is LTE capable device and once it is on automatic setting network mode.


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