How to Pause, Rewind and Record on OpenView PVR (OVHD)



OpenView has launched its PVR (personal video recorder) services on the latest decoder models which supports the new PVR stick via USB Port. The new features allows openview subscribers to record their favorite movies and TV show on the OpenView USB stick via the OVHD decoder.


Features of Openview PVR

  • The new OpenView PVR allows viewers to schedule recordings across a range of ovhd channels.
  • OVHD subscribers can also pause live television for up to 15 minutes.
  • Openview subscribers can also record FTA an channel while watching another channel, making sure they don’t miss out on any of the action on their television screens.





How to Record on OPENView PVR Decoder

To begin you need to be get the NA9200 Openview PVR decoder model which is has a compatible USB Port for PVR and a functional USB stick.

Here’s how it works.


  1. Purchase your Open PVR USB stick from any PEP or Dion Wired store. Prices start at R199 for the 32GB.
  2. Switch off your decoder, Insert your Open PVR USB stick in the USB port at the back of the NA9200 model.
  3. Switch your decoder back on. A prompt screen will appear, select “OK” to activate your PVR function.
  4. Press the guide button on your remote to display the programme guide, select the show you want to record and press the record button to schedule the recording.
  5. To access your recordings, press the OTP button on your remote to view and play your recordings. Applicable to NA9200.
  6. To pause live TV, press the pause button on your remote. Please note that you can only pause live TV for up to 15 minutes on the NA9200 model.
  7. Please note that only Open PVR USB sticks are compatible with the NA9200 Openview model. Any other USB stick will not be functional.
  8. The DSD1465 model capabilities for Open PVR will be available by the end of August 2018.

See video – HERE

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The Openview USB sticks are available in;

32GB – can record up to 8 hours of HD content

64GB – can record up to 18 hours HD content


Supported Decoders for OPENView HD PVR

The Openview PVR Stick will only work on NA9200 Openview Decoder model for now. DSD4165 decoder compatibility functions will be announced later on.




Price and Where to Buy New Openview NA9200 Decoder and PVR USB Stick

The openview PVR decoder and usb stick should avaliable at PEP or Game stores and other retail outlet. The special launch price for usb stick is R199 for the 32GB and R299 for the 64GB. 


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