13 Things You Need to Know about NYSC Orientation Camp

Dear PCM.



Do you know that, there is a book in camp called “Book of Life”. This is a very big book NYSC used to registered all the corps members even in the next 30years you can’t commit crime & escape; You will be ask to put down your Personal Data while in camp. Pls. Do well to fill the register is for your own good.


Do you know, if the course in your Statement of Result is not the same with the one in your Call Up Letter. You may be ask to leave the camp. And go back to your school for correction; if that can’t be corrected. you may miss your orientation course for that batch, NB: this depend on the state you are posted to.




Do you know, you are not expected to enter camp with any metal object or breakable plate except rubber food flash. Please, note Police & others security personnel will check your bag to collect every harmful object including extension & socket if you carry any at the entrance of the camp.


Do you know, you will wake-up every day by 4.20am for morning meditation and stand on parade ground from 6.am to 8.15am which is 3hours 15min every morning and evening for parade / drilling for 21 days of your camping. Army will be your friend at that time.



Do you know, Lectures didn’t end in school, you will have 5hours lectures which some will be very boring at time, but you must attend by force… If you sleep; people will be walking around to wake you up.

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Do you know, NYSC will feed you for 21 days in camp. But the choice will be yours whether to eat their food or not. Mammi market food can finish your TP allowance, even main alloweee you will received from camp, if you can’t have control yourself.


Do you know camp life is sweet and interesting but is regimented. You are force & control to do everything including sleeping even when you don’t feel like.


Do you know, there is Court in camp if you misbehavior, you will be charge to court, And if you are found guilty, you will be sanction out of camp or punished according to the NYSC Acts.


Do you know every thing in camp is competition. You will be group into different platoon depending on the time your arrived in camp for registration. There will be platoon 1 – 10. The code will look like 0010 to 0099. If your last digit end will 5, it mean you are in platoon 5. Any digit it end, that is your platoon. Meanwhile the full 4 digit makeup your state code. Example 0099, 1498, 2064, 1407 just know that, the last number digit is the platoon you belong. Be active and participate in your platoon.

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Do you know, there is No senior corps member in camp. everybody is equal…for girls if you want to form. please. Note. You don’t know, who is who, Learn to be friendly, make new friends, exchange contact, never can tell who will help you tomorrow, base on how you relate well in the past while in camp.


Do you know, orientation camp doesn’t respect rain or sun. You will answer the clarion call under the rain or sun through out 21 days / the service year.


Finally, Do you know, they will be a program called SAED Skills Acquisition Entrepreneurship Development in camp, They will teach you a lot of skills acquisition program; serious minded people who will not joke with it; will acquired a lot of skills that will stand them out after service year. Don’t take it for granted. In addition, Do you know there will be different Units or group in the camp such as Band group, Orientation Broadcasting Service, Utility Group, Nigeria Red Cross, Man O’ War, Sanitation group, etc. Try to identity with one because at time; people in this groups are always favour to be posted to the town and can used it to escape parade while in camp.




For guys ONLY; Beware of camp lover, girls are ready to help you finish your allowee. Note; after 21days, NYSC will  scatter / dispatch all of you to different destination you may not be able to see each other & reunite except by God grace you are posted to the same L.G. A or nearby.

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Camp is stressful but interesting. I wish you all successful camping in advance.


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