SMS Cheat Code to Quality for Airtel Double Data (x2) Offer

Airtel double data plan gives subscribers double their data when they subscribe but unfortunately only a few airtel subscribers qualify for the Airtel double data promo. Luckily there is now a new method to make all airtel subscribers qualify for the double data promo using a few tricks. This post will show how to be eligible for airtel double data promo offer.




How to be eligible for Airtel Double data offer

Below are some requirement –

Your Airtel Sim

Your phone (i.e any type of phone that send, receive and make call)



Then after all this are set, head over to your phone sms message and follow the steps below to get your Airtel Double Data offer for 3 month.

Kindly send sms; “Get to 141”

Within some short period you will receive a congratulation message of your double data being activated.

Then go ahead and sub to any plan of your choice to receive 2x the data purchased..


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