List of NIMC NIN ID Card Enrollment Centres in Kebbi, Plateau, Akwa Ibom.

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Here is list of all NIMC centres approved for National Identity Card Registration and Collection in Kebbi, Plateau and Akwa Ibom. The Federal Government says it is enforcing the mandatory use of the National Identification Number (NIN) beginning from January 1, 2019.

Nigerians who wish to check, enroll or pickup their National Identity Card in Kebbi, Plateau and Akwa Ibom can do so at any of the NIMC centres below.

Note: Special Centres may be set up for enrollment in some areas to operate for relatively shorter periods of time before being decommissioned.




Nation ID Number Registration Centres in Kebbi

State OfficeBehind State Secretariat, Gwadangwaji Area, Birnin Kebbi
Aleiro LGALG Secretariat, Aleiro
Argungu LGAWorks Department, Argungu LGA
Bagudo LGALG Secretariat, Bagudo
Birnin Kebbi LGAOpposite Nagari Science College, Makerar Gandu, Birnin Kebbi
Bunza LGALG Secretariat, Bunza
Dandi LGABehind LG Secretariat, Kamba Town
Danko-Wasagu ERCLG Secretariat, Ribah Town
Fakai LGANIPOST Office, Mahuta
Gwandu LGALG Secretariat, Gwandu
Jega LGALG Secretariat, Jega
Kalgo LGALG Secretariat, Kalgo
Koko-Besse LGAMaikoko Secretariat, Koko
Suru LGALG Secretariat, Dakin Gari
United bank for Africa (UBA) Special CentreUBA Nigeria Plc, No 1 Sultan Abubakar Road, GRA, Birnin Kebbi
Yauri LGALG Secretariat, Yauri
Zuru LGALG Secretariat, Zuru




National Identity Number Registration Centres in Plateau State

State OfficeLamingo Dam Road, opposite Human Right Commission, Katton Rikkos, Jos Plateau State
Barkin Ladi LGABarkin Ladi LGC Secretariat, Jos Road, Barkin Ladi
Bassa LGALGC Secretariat Jebu, Bassa
Bokkos LGALG Secretariat, Bokkos
Chief’s Palace, PushitDistrict Office Chief’s Palace, Pankshin Road, Pushit
Government HouseDeputy Governor’s Office, Rayfield
Jos East LGAOld Jos East LG Secretariat, Angware
Jos North LGAJos North LG Secretariat, Old Jos Metropolitan Development Board (JMDB) HQ, Jos
Jos South LGAJos South LG Secretariat along Bukuru Expressway
Kanke LGALG Secretariat Kwal, Kanke LGA
Langtang North LGALGC Secretariat, Yelwa-Shendam Road
Langtang South LGALG Secretariat, Langtang South
Mangu LGAAlong Pankshin Road, LG Secretariat, Mangu
Panshin LGAJ.D. Gomwalk House, Wukos Road, Pankshin
Plateau Polytechnic, Main CampusPolytechnic Main Campus, Heipang
Riyom LGALG Secretariat Riyom, Abuja Road
Shendam LGALG Secretariat, Yelwa Road
Wase LGALG Secretariat, Wase







NIN Registration Centres in Akwa-Ibom State

State OfficeFederal Secretariat Abak Road, Uyo , Akwa-Ibom State
Abak LGALocal Government Secretariat, Abak
Eastern Obolo LGALocal Government Secretariat, Okoroette
Eket LGAEket Local Government Secretariat
Esit Eket LGALocal Government Secretariat, Esit Eket
Essien Udim LGALow Cost Housing Estate, Afaha Ikot Ebak
Etim Ekpo LGALow Cost Housing Estate, Utu Etim Ekpo
Etinan LGAEtinan Local Government Secretariat
Ibeno LGALocal Government Secretariat, Ukpenekang
Ibesikpo Asutan LGAIbesikpo Asutan Local Government Secretariat
Ibiono Ibom LGALow Cost Housing Estate, Oko Ita
Ika LGALocal Government Secretariat, Urua Inyang
Ikono LGALocal Government Secretariat, Ibiaku Nto Okpo
Ikot Abasi LGAIkot Abasi Local Government Secretariat
Ikot EkpeneLocal Government Old Secretariat, Ikot Ekpene
Nigeria Immigration Service ERCRoom 005, Fed. Sect. Complex, Abak Road, Uyo
Ini LGAPDP Secretariat, Odoro Ikpe
Itu LGALocal Government Secretariat, Mbak Atai
Mbo LGALow Cost Housing Estate, Ewang
Mkpat EninLocal Government Secretariat, Mkpat Enin
Nsit Atai LGALow Cost Housing Estate, behind Council Secretariat, Odot
Nsit Ibom LGAFormer Local Government Secretariat, Ikot Edibon
Nsit Ubium LGALocal Government Secretariat, Ikot Edibon
Obot Akara LGALow Cost Housing Estate, Nto Edino
Okobo LGALow Cost Housing Estate, Okobedi
Onna LGALow Cost Housing Estate, Abat
Oron LGAOron Local Government Secretariat
Oruk Anam LGAOruk Anam Local Government Secretariat
Udung Uko LGALow Cost Housing Estate, Eyokponung
Ukanafun LGAUkanafun Local Government Secretariat
Uruan LGALow Cost Housing Estate, Idu Uruan
Urue Offong / Oruko LGALocal Government Secretariat, Oruko
Uyo LGALocal Government secretariat, Uyo


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