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JAMB 2019/2020 registration is about to be announced and everyone is wondering if JAMB will still make use of the novels( INDEPENDENCE Novel by  SARAH LADIPO MANYINKA and The Last Days at Forcados High School” by A.H. Mohammed ) which were used for the previous UTME examinations. This is still yet to be confirmed by JAMB.

However this post will provide download .PDF links to these JAMB UTME Novels just incase prospective UTME candidates will like to study and review them for the coming UTME examinations.



This novel was used for UTME Candidates







Summary of The Last Days at Forcados High School by A.H. Mohammed

This novel was previous used for Direct Entry Candidates


The Last Days at Forcados High School by A.H. Mohammed tells a fictional story of Jimi Solade, a very brilliant student of the prestigious Forcados High School – His life with his best friends, Ansa and Nene who are all in their final year in secondary school. His relationship with the mysterious new girl in class, Efua. His family troubles and determination to succeed against all odds.


The novel highlighted some adolescence challenges and teaches perseverance in the midst of adversities

Chapter by Chapter Summary of The Last Days at Forcados High School

Chapter 1.

Jimi had just returned from a holiday in Ibadan. His father sent him there on discovery that he had kept in touch with his rogue brother, Wole, against the father’s instructions.

Jimi woke up at home to a surprise. His brother, Wole, who had been banned from the house by their father, has returned. Jimi and his mother, Kemi, were happy to have Wole back but their highly temperamental and intolerable father, Kola, was not keen to have him back.


Chapter 2.

First day of new school year at Forcados High School, Lagos. Jimi re-unites with friends. Though worried by troubles at home, he resolves it’s going to be his best year yet.

The school’s head boy, Seyi Lawal, invited Jimi who is the health prefect to prefects’ meeting with the principal, Mr Mallum,where they met a new girl, Efua, who came with her mother to the principal’s office.


Chapter 3.

Efua Coker, a very attractive young girl, was brought to Lagos by her flamboyant and carefree mother, Funmi, to stay with her aunt, Moni, from where she could attend Forcados high school and complete her final year in secondary school. Aunty Moni introduced Efua to the devout Nene who in turn introduced her to Ansa and Jimi but Efua was repulsive to the boys. She also had a tough first day in school, dealing with the not-so-welcoming teachers and nostalgia of her former school, St Catherine’s, Abuja.

Efua’s mum influenced her admission into SS3 at Forcados High where students are not usually admitted in senior class. The teachers frowned at this because they felt new students would lower the school’s usually excellent result.


Chapter 4.

Kola Solade had travelled after a bout of argument with his wife over Wole when Jimi courageously jumped to his mother’s defence which further infuriated his father, Kola.

Jimi, looking for an opportunity to spend time with his brother, Wole, followed him to a strange location where alcohol, Indian hemp and prostitutes were a common sight. Jimi got upset when he ran home, after policemen stormed the joint, and discovered that Wole hid illegal drugs in his Jeans pocket.


Chapter 5.

Efua rebuffed Jimi’s advances and a rather silly approach from Jolly, a pompous arts student, who in turn threatened to deal with her. Everybody in school disliked Efua for her unfriendliness. They went ahead to nickname her “The Witch”. Nene tried to talk to Efua about the seeming unfriendliness to everybody but she snapped at her.


Chapter 6.

Efua visits Nene to apologies for snapping on her earlier in the day at school. She meets Nene helping her mother out with house chores as usual. Nene once again encouraged Efua to be friends with Jimi. She would later have a re-think about her suggestion to Efua considering that Jimi’s attention to her had reduced since Efua arrived.


Chapter 7.

A young Youth Corper, Agbenenovi (Miss Novi) was introduced to the school by the Vice principal.

The students had their Mid Term dinner. Jimi, Ansa, and Nene played active roles in the event’s planning. Jimi so much wanted to dance with Efua and in his desperation infuriated  Efua the more when he bullied away little Jide who was already dancing with her and also accidentally spilled drinks on her.

Earlier, the new corper, Ms Novi, saved a fainted junior student by administering cardiopulmonary resuscitation on him. Ms Novi and Efua would later become friends.

Meanwhile, Efua’s rivalry with Jimi’s current and jealous girlfriend, Caro, was on the rise.


Chapter 8.

Towards the end of the term, there was Inter-House sports competition among the four houses in the school; Tiger, Lion, Cheetah, and Leopard.

There was Carol Night organized by Nene which Jimi took interest in on noticing Efua’s name on the Carol list.

Jimi won the 100 metres race for his house (Tiger), won the best athlete’s trophy, and a prize for the best exam result.

Efua was involved in several interesting community programmes introduced to her by Ms Novi. The principal openely commended her on her excellent results.




At the end of the term, the friends were all happy except Ansa who failed his first term exams and dreaded his mother’s rebuke who would most likely blame his failure on his paintings.


Chapter 9.

Jimi’ mother had fallen ill during the first term holidays. She opened up to Jimi that she had been diagnosed of ovarian cancer. She reassured him that she will get better and that their father truly loves his boys. Ansa and Nene together with their parents visited the hospital.

Jimi is worried that his wonderful life has turned around all too sudden.


Chapter 10.

The second term had started and Jimi is downcast as a result of his mother’s illness. His condition brought Efua, who has general tenderness for helpless beings, closer to him. That lightened Jimi’s mood and made him happy once again.


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