Here is When JAMB (CAPS) will Stop Giving Admission for 2018/2019

If you have been wondering when JAMB will stop giving admission to 2018/2019 UTME and DE candidates, you will get some answers to your
question in this post. This post will provide information on When JAMB CAPS admission will commence and end for 2018/2019 UTME and Direct entry candidates.



JAMB started giving admission for 2018/2019 UTME candidates sometime in August 2018 and this is supposed to last till early 2019. JAMB admission usually closes few weeks to the after the commencement of the next JAMB registration.

Therefore JAMB will stop giving admission for 2018/2019 in January 2019. By the end of Januaury 2019, JAMB CAPS portal stop giving provisional admission to UTME and Direct entry candidates.

An official announcement will be giving to all schools to comply with the instruction. Before the end of february 2019 all school are expected to have finished releasing thier admission list and should be getting ready to roundup the registration of new students.



If you have not yet been offered admission in your JAMB CAP account by February 2019, I advice you pick up JAMB 2019 form before the deadline.


If you are seeing notification such “admission in progress, check back later” in your JAMB CAP profile, Read Here about what to do.


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