NYSC Medical Fitness Certificate: List of Tests + How to Get it

The NYSC medical fitness is a certificate that ascertains the medical fitness and health status of PCMs who wishes to be mobilized for NYSC. This was done to ensure the safety of corp members during and their camp orientation.



Below is an official statement from the NYSC on fitness report;

Official Statement from NYSC management reads: “All are also to note that original copies of academic credentials and other documents uploaded during the online registration MUST be presented on camp for physical verification.

“All Prospective Corps members MUST present medical certificate from a government or military hospital showing their health status before they will be registered and admitted for the Orientation course.


“Management wishes prospective Corps members safe journey to their respective camps as well as a successful Orientation course.”


Presentation of Medical Certificate is compulsory for all NYSC prospective Corps Members(PCM) All PCMs are strongly advised to comply accordingly.




List of Medical Test for NYSC Fitness Certificate

Below is a list of Test result each PCMs is expected to undergo and display on his/her medical report;

1. HIV
2. Genotype
3. Blood group
4. Chest X-ray
5. PCV
6. HCV
7. Urinalysis
8. Haemoglobin
9. Stool analysis
10. Blood pressure
11. Visual acuity.

PCMs are to note that all fitness report are to be stamped and signed by the hospital and its senior medical officer.



How to get your NYSC Medical Fitness Report

Getting an NYSC medical certificate is very easy and straight forward process. PCMs should simply follow the steps listed below;

  • PCMs should go to Government or Military Hospital and register.
  • The required test will then be conducted and a certificate which includes the results will be issued to the pcms.
  • Take results to head doctor to sign and stamp (important) – Read about NMA Stamp for NYSC


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