Free Browsing: Latest Glo Cheat Config Setting file XP Psiphon

Glo and XP Psiphon is currently browsing free and fast on 3G network. All credits for this trick goes to With the latest Glo XP psiphon config file all you have to do is download and import the settings into your XP psiphon app and start browsing free this month.



This post will provided the requirements and configuration settings for the latest Glo free browsing.
Android device
Glo 3G sim with N0.00k
3G network
APN Settings
Name: Glo July
APN: glosecure
Proxy and Port: Leave them blank
Username and password: GPRS
Authentication type: PAP
Bearer: unspecified
Download XP Psiphon For Android HERE.
Download Glo Config For XP Psiphon Config File HERE




How To Import / Use Glo Config On XP Psiphon VPN

After downloading, Open the VPN
Tap the + sign as seen below
Now tap Import Config
Locate the folder you downloaded the config file to and tap the file.
You will be required to input password which is:
You will see ” Import Successful “
Now choose USA as the region. ( Check below the VPN for notes).
Now tap connect. Kindly wait for 1 min and it will connect. 3G Sim
recommended, please.


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