Steps to Manually Input Bis Key on Technosat HD Satellite Receivers.

Technosat HD satellite decoder is a free to air satellite receiver commonly used in the middle east. MBC is one of the major cable networks using Technosat HD decoder . The decoder also enables viewers to watch approximately 5,000 free-to-air channels along with HD channels. All you have to do is get the right FTA equipment and settings. This post will provide details on how to enter biss key on Technosat HD satellite decoder.




How to add biss key for Channels on Technosat HD decoders

To enter or input biss key on Technosat HD decoders, follow the following steps.

* Select any channel you want to open.



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* Press the menu button on your remote control,

* Then, simply press “2020” times on your remote control.

* You will see Fcas option display on your screen.

* Now press OK on the tool

* Select Cas type and press OK.

* Now click/press OK on the Fcas option

* After that, click/press OK on the Key Editor

* Now select biss type and press OK

* You can now add your desire key and finally press OK to save. You are done.


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