Your Top Questions Answered about Anal Bleaching

Is Anal Bleaching Safe?



The answer is yes, if you use the correct product.  If you use a product that contains harsh and potent chemicals on your anus, you could be putting yourself at risk.  The anus is made up of sensitive and unique skin, and if products for skin bleaching are to be applied to lighten this naturally dark area, then it is preferred that their formula contains natural ingredients.

The use of natural ingredients lowers the risk of skin reaction, and if harsh chemicals and ingredients disrupt the anal area, it could cause potential damage to its functionality.





What Anal Bleaching and Skin Whitening Creams Are Safe to Use?

Because of the sensitive and delicate skin that the genitalia area is comprised of, it is necessary to find a product that can work with this skin’s sensitivity.  Find a product that contains 100% all-natural ingredients in order to lessen the risk of an adverse skin reaction.  The last thing you will want is to irritate and inflame the anal skin, so inconspicuously apply whatever product you are using, and if it achieves the desired



Why Do People Anal Bleach?

While there are no health benefits to bleaching the anal or genitalia area, many people choose to do so because they feel as if the whitening of this area is cleaner and visibly attractive.  Skin bleaching is a matter of personal preference and those who do skin bleach often feel more confident and attractive, to themselves or to their partners.


Sometimes, darker skin around these intimate parts make people feel “dirty” or unattractive, a skin bleaching cream can brighten the dark skin and create an even skin tone to match the rest of the body.



How Long Does Anal Bleaching Take?


Depending on what desired effects you are after, anal bleaching can take anywhere from 30 to 60 days.  This also is reliant on how dark the skin is surrounding your anus and how many shades lighter you wish to make it.  If your anal area is a darker shade, it is going to take a consistent application of skin whitening cream in order to make decrease the pigmentation’s darkness and make it shades lighter.



How Long Does Anal Bleaching Last?


The effects of anal bleaching last so long as you continue to apply the skin whitening cream.  This cream targets the enzymes of the skin cells, which subsequently dampers the production of melanin.  Melanin is the substance responsible for pigmentation of the skin.  With continued application and use of the skin bleaching cream, the effects of the lightened skin around the anus will continue to be set in place.

For a safe and effective skin bleaching cream, try Intilight.  Intilight was developed and created by an experienced dermatologist and does not contain any harmful ingredients, has a 100% all-natural formula, and has proven results.  Intilight’s effects take a minimum of two weeks for visible results and thirty to sixty days of a complete skin whitening of the anal area.



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