Okada Operators in Lagos must Register with Unions, See other Laws

The Lagos state police command has announced a clampdown on Motorcycle (Okada)m riders in the state that will begin from June 15th.



Police say the reason for the total clampdown was because of the burning of a police patrol vehicle stationed at a black spot in the town by some riders who also attempted to burn down Ibeshe Police Post May 30.

For all Lagos residents who can’t avoid going about their daily businesses without patronizing Okada riders, these are the things to look out for due to the resolutions reached by the police:

That with effect from 15th June, 2018,

  1. Any motorcycle without license plate number will be impounded;
  2. All commercial motorcycle operators are restricted from plying the highways and the bridges;
  3. Every commercial motorcycle operator must register with any of the approved unions for the purpose of accountability and easy identification.
  4. Every commercial motorcycle operator must wear an apron which must indicate the union he belongs and bear boldly, his identification number.

For the general public’s safety, avoid patronising any rider violating any of these resolutions.



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Okada Operators in Lagos must Register with Unions, See other Laws
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