How to Login NYSC Portal and Check Monthly LGA Clearance Status

Corps members can now check their monthly clearance status online via the NYSC portal. The NYSC management recently included this new feature for corpers to verify their monthly LGA clearance status in order to avoid complications which may lead to corps members being penalized and given an extension of the programme.



The LGA clearance menu has been added to the list of menus on serving corps members dashboard. When the menu is accessed, Successful clearance for a particular month will be seen as “present“. If no clearance is done in a month, your status appears as “absent“.

If you cleared for a month and finds out that your status is showing as “absent” online, it is advised to see your Local Government Inspector (LGI) as soon as possible.




Every Corper must understand that the monthly clearance is very important for all serving corps members as it is a prerequisite to getting the monthly allowance from Federal Government.



NYSC Portal to Check Monthly LGA Clearance Online 

To visit your dashboard now to check your,  visit

Just Login to your Dashboard and Click on *LGA Clearance*

It would show you the List of Month you partake for clearance *till June 2018* and your status *(Either Present or Absent)*


*Note:* Dont panic……..The only *Absent* you should have its for Clearance in the Month you finished camp. This means for;


*Batch B Stream I 2017 – December 2017 Clearance*

*Batch B Stream II 2018 – Feburary 2018 Clearance*

*Batch A Stream I 2018 – May 2018 Clearance*


You should only see these Month above on your portal as *Absent!* ☝☝


Any Month *aside* these Months above *means you didnt partake in the monthly clearance for that Month!*


Defaulters are advised to see your respective Authorities *(LGI’s)* before its too late.


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