Free Browsing: Glo 0.0k Anonytun VPN Settings by Loyal Teams(LTN)

All credits for this new Glo Free browsing tweak goes to Loyal Teams(LTN). They are awesome and I advised you visit the site. The updated Glo N0.0 July 2018 cheat resolves the VPN disconnection issues experienced in previously released cheats.



This new Glo free browsing cheat can be used to browse and download unlimitedly and this post will show you how to configure your Anonytun VPN using a special configuration. One of the major advantage of this Glo Anonytun settings is the fact the VPN app will always reconnect by itself and resume your download.



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Requirements for Glo  Cheat

✓Glo 3g Sim

✓0.0k( no airtime or data is needed)

✓Download Anonytun Apk On Playstore

✓APN (gloflat)


1) Tick (Stealth Tunnel ON/OFF) to enable it.

2) Connection Protocol, choose (HTTP).

3) Connection Port (80/443).



✓ Url/ Host =

✓Request method = POST

✓Injection method = Normal

Tick the following

✓Online host



Now hit the generate button to save your settings.


Or download a config file HERE and import into your anonyton VPN.

Now choose the server of your choice and connect.



Credits: Loyal Teams


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