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Afriford University of science management art and technology is one of the English speaking universities in benin republic with a large number of foreign students from Nigeria. This post will provide information on Afriford University courses, tuition fees and how to apply for admission.



Afriford University of Science Management Art and Technology (AUSMAT) is a global Centre for research and teaching, it is a University positioned to offer leadership in practical Education. Creative, Responsive and dynamic, Afriford University stands to breach the gap between theoretical and practical Education. We produce students who lead in their various fields.





Afriford University is accredited by the Government of Benin Republic and the certificates is recognized all over the world. To verify about the accreditation, visit: Government of Benin Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Benin Republic. They are the body responsible for the Accreditation of Universities in Benin Republic. They have the list of all Accredited Universities. You can also verify from the Federal Ministry of Education Nigeria.



List of courses offered in Afriford University


Faculty of Management



Banking and Finance


Business Administration/Management

Human Resource Management

Public Administration

Information and Management Technology


Faculty of Art and Social Sciences

Mass Communication

LL.B. Law

International Relations/Political Science

Peace keeping and Conflict Resolution



Faculty of Engineering/Applied Sciences

Electrical/Electronic Engineering

Computer Engineering

Mechanical/Automotive Engineering

Chemical/Petroleum Engineering

Civil Engineering

Computer Science

Nursing Science

Community Health

Architecture/Building Technology

Estate Management



Faculty of Education

B.Sc. Education (Agric. Science, Biology, Chemistry, Integrated Science & Physics)

B.A Education (Primary Education)

B.A Education (Early Child hood)

B.Sc Education (Mathematics)

Educational Administration & Management



Graduate Programs:

The following Master Degrees Programs are available in both Part-time and Full time:

M.Sc Information Technology

M.Ed Admin and Planning

Master in Business Administration

Master in Public Administration

M.Sc Journalism


Tuition Fees for Afriford University

For a full list of tuition fees for all courses offered visit, Click HERE



How to Apply for Admission

To gain Admission, either for Undergraduate or Graduate studies, visit our University to obtain your Application form here


fill it and submit. For more info visit –


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