Keystone Hostel and other Best Hostels in UNIBEN (Pictures)



It is no doubt that certain experiences(both good & bad) that we have in life are as a result of the choices that we make; you can make wise choices. The choice of where to stay depends on some factors, like cost, privacy, safety, etc. At UNIBEN UGBOWO campus, a student has two choices of where to stay to make: off-campus or on-campus.






UNIBEN Off-Campus Hostel Pros and Cons

Off-campus includes places like Ekosodin, BDPA, Osasogie, Adolor, Isior, Olukwu et al. Of all these, the closest to school are the first three places; you could amble to your dept but not without some stress. You could also board a vehicle to school.


Off-campus is best suited for those who want to enjoy a high level of privacy but may compromise their safety & expend a huge sum of money to secure some amount of accommodation. The issue of safety is the most challenging one. Scores of people have been sent to early grave as a result of riotous killings by some mischief makers. A very good example was that of a graduate asst from my dept who was shot on his way back to Osaogie. The recent one that happened was the one at Ekosodin where the gate was shut for a period of time. The case of robbery & rape are nothing to write home about, to mention but a few. There is also a case of students leaving the comfort of their homes and trudging to schools for night class & to charge their batteries especially because of lack of power.

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UNIBEN Campus Hostels – Pros and Cons

On-campus includes: halls of residence, medical hostel, keystone hostel, NDDC hostel(un habitable), SSQ, JSQ & Dentistry quarters.

Halls of residence are hall1 &2( for solely females), hall3 & 4(for solely males) & hall5(male & female but not in the same room). Of all the halls of residence, hall5 is the most expensive-from 25k & above per session. This figure might have changed. They have almost uninterrupted water & power supply & not overpopulated(about 4 people in a room). The remaining halls of residence are cheaper, as low as 9k per session but have epileptic power supply & scarcity of water sometimes. The rooms are “jam packed” with people, about 15 people in a room( esp in male hostel, though the allowable number is 8 per room). One good thing about hall3 & hall4 is that you may never go hungry as you may request for UNIBEN bread & some cooked beans from good Samaritans in your room; even in other rooms.

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The halls of residence are very lively with hall2 car park being the liveliest. They are all( including medical hostel & Keystone) close to certain faculties where you could visit at night to “jack”. You can also make use of the reading rooms if you wish. Though your privacy may be compromised in these hostels. Hall1, 2 &3 have the lowest level of privacy but well ventilated. Hall4 is like hell, so you need a fan in order to ‘survive’. There is also a confiscation of hotplate & poor WIFI but with a considerable level of privacy, space, & wardrobe. Be careful of pilferers!



Keystone hostel in UNIBEN

The most expensive of all the on-campus hostels seems to be Keystone hostel, as high as 70k per session but it is the coziest(self-contain). Other On-campus apartments (JSQ, SSQ & Dentistry) may be “neck and neck” to Off-campus’, 35K-100K. The nearer a house is to school, the costlier it is(not with the on campus hostels).



Procedure to Getting Hostels on UNIBEN Campus

It must be pointed out that in order to get a space in an on-campus hostel, you must apply to the school authority at student affairs. The procedure will be spelt out at school. It is only the dean of students that has the legal right to give accommodation to students. Hostel porters and students(by sales) do give, but this means is illegal. Although getting a space is a Herculean task, but you must take the bull by the horn to acquire one! Now the ball is in your court. You can go ahead and make the right choice. Do not forget to consult God & your parents or guardians.

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Source: UNIBEN Student Group







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