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Glo Sky VPN Cheat for November 2018 is currently working. This post will provide latest configuration cheat settings for Glo free browsing in 2018.

Glo free settings

Using the list of Glo free browsing cheat codes that will be provided in this post overtime, Glo subscribers will learn how to browse fast and unlimited using their Phones and PC. This is done usually done by entering the glo free browsing tweak on a VPN that will also assist in anonymous browsing for a limited time. Note that the glo free browsing tutorials provided here are for research purposes only.

Below are a list of Glo Free Browsing settings for the month;




Glo SKY VPN November 2018 Settings

To Download Sky VPN – Click Here

Tap on the menu icon at the top left corner of the app

Tap on Premium Traffic

Click on Daily Check-in. This will give you free 75MB worth of data.


Then tap I’m Feeling Lucky to get another free 25MB data.


To accumulate even more mobile internet data, just perform other tasks available on the app. Remember to turn ON your data network when doing this.

Finally, return to the app main page

Tap the Premium button, a pop up message will ask if you want to upgrade, simply tap Upgrade and select United States as your region.

You should now notice that the Premium text will turn yellow in color at this stage.

It’s time to get started with your glo free browsing. Just tap on CONNECT and wait for about one minute for it to establish connection.


How to Get Glo Unlimited Free Cheat for Fast Browsing in June 2018

For fast browsing on your Glo sim, try out this APN setting by following the steps before on your phone.

On your phone, navigate to Settings > Mobile Network >> Access Point.

From your Access Point list, tap on Glo Flat (the default Glo APN)

From the Glo Flat options, tap on “Bearer

(Unspecified)” option and select LTE, HSPAP, HSPA, HSUPA, HSD PA boxes accordingly.

Please note that you are to select LTE if and only if your phone supports 4G briefing network .

Click save and enjoy your fast browsing speed!



Glo and Stark Vpn Free Browsing Settings


Now, lets move to the main topic.


✓Glo 4g sim with 0.0k balance
✓Download Stark VPN

How to Configure Your APN

Go to your phone APN settings and create this APN

✓APN = gloflat
Username is flat
✓Password is flat
✓Proxy =
✓Port = 3128.

Save and activate as ur default APN settings

How To Configure Your Stark Vpn

× Click on custom settings
× Connection mode is HTTP
× Server PORT is 80
× Host Header is
× Header line type is multiline
× Do not tick reverse proxy








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