National ICT Olympiad Competition Result – 2018

The post will provide the result for the 2017/2018 National ICT Olympiad competition stages. Below are some details about the National ICT Olympiad Competition. The National ICT competition which is opened to junior and senior secondary school students in Nigeria. The Olympiad is an annual event that has been included in the education calendar. The level of ICT awareness and education in Secondary schools in Nigeria is very low. The students at this level are very talented and have an interest in ICT. The absence of ICT infrastructure is making the study difficult for them.



In a bid to discover Nigeria’s best young computer scientist, develop healthy competitive skills as well as improve youth’s self esteem together with creating pride in academic achievement.

Below are the stages of the competition



– The registered students  are to sit for the 1st stage aptitude test using any internet enabled device (Phones, Tablets, Laptops and Desktop PCs).

– The exam is an online computer based test . The students will be eligible to sit for this test if they are registered and have their username and password

– Students who score above the cut – off mark will proceed to the next stage

– The Examination will hold simultaneously on the same day across the country




– The Students who scored above the cut off mark would be eligible to participate in the second stage.

– The second stage which was a week long boot camp at the Olympiad academy. An Olympiad academy will be located in a city in each participating states.

– The training at the boot camp will be simultaneously done across all the centres

– The theme for this edition of the Olympiad will be centred around development of applications to solve societal problems

– As part of the Olympiad curriculum, students will be mentored by qualified Human resources persons in the areas of business management and soft skills that are required to transform their ideas to sustainable businesses

– The participating students would sit for another test after the boot camp; the test would serve as a qualification test for the state finals

– Certificate of training will be presented to the participating students.



– The qualifying students from the boot camp stage will be eligible for this stage

– The state finals would be a project showcase event; where the students will be required to present their finished projects to the audience and judges

– The best 10 students at the state finals will showcase their skills in several areas of ICT. There will be an Olympiad champion and 2 runners up.

– Each participating state will have a state ICT Olympiad champion

– The respective state champions will go into the ICT Olympiad mentorship programme



– The National finals is the last stage of the competition where the Nigeria ICT Olympiad champion would emerge

– State winners would compete against each other to at this stage

– The National Finals would have an audience which is a mixture of officials of the federal government, the state government officials of the participating students

– The National finals would be preceded by the ICT Olympiad mentorship programme


How to check National ICT Olympiad 2018 Competition Result

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