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InterswitchSPAK is a national science competition aimed at promoting STEM education among Nigerian students and is set to begin in April 2018, which will feature students from all states of the federation competing in core STEM subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics. SPAK, according to Interswitch, is an acronym for Speed, Precision, Accuracy and Knowledge.


InterswitchSPAK TV Quiz

The best 81 students across the country will then be selected to partake in the TV quiz competition where 3 students will eventually emerge as winners from the competition.



The TV quiz dates are yet to be announced. This page will be updated when the tv quiz dates are officially announced.

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InterswitchSPAK Prize for Students and Teachers and Schools

The students will offered scholarship covering their university education, monthly stipends, alongside laptops and achievement trophies.

Recognition will also be extended to the teachers and schools being represented by the winning students as necessary equipment’s will be donated by interswitch to further improve the quality of STEM education in the schools

1 st Prize

Five (5) years

University Scholarship + annual stipend worth




2nd Prize

Three (3) years

University Scholarship worth






3rd Prize

One (1) year

University Scholarship worth




The winners of the InterswitchSPAK + Project will be rewarded with Founders Award

1st to 3rd place winners stand an optional chance of being employed by Interswitch.

Trending:  Interswitch SPAK 2019: Date for National Exam and Results



Please note that all the participating schools are expected to be rewarded with e- certificates and other prizes based on their different point/s of disengagement.


How to check InterswitchSPAK Results

According to reports, “47% (5,382) of registered students came from the South-West region. The South-South region had 1,764 registered students, North-Central region had 1,548 registered students, South-East came close to that with 1,362 registered students while the North-West and North-East recorded less than 1,000 registered students.”

The results of the InterswitchSPAK has been be published on the  Therefore all students are advised to check their results via the online platform – CLICK HERE to view results.


Test Past Question and Answers

We understand interswitchSPAK past question and answers are currently been requested for by secondary school students who wish to take the part in the competition or prepare for next edition.

Trending:  Interswitch SPAK 2019: Date for National Exam and Results

This will be post will be updated with the Past question and answers when they are available. Kindly check back later.


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