“He is so Pathetic and Useless, King of Gossips” – Cee C Blast Tobi (Video)

The drama between Tobi and Cee C is getting more intense by the day and this seems to have caused a form of division in the house.

The former partners who were also romantically involved can’t seem to tolerate one another anymore as they have gone days without speaking.



But no matter how hard they try to avoid each other, the pair still clash on several occasions and so far, yesterday seems to be the most provocative moment for Tobi.

This time Cee C couldn’t hold back the hard feelings as she called Tobi an “Animal” in his presence and also referred to him as “king of gossips” while discussing with Khloe.

However, Tobi acted very mature by not responding as he was busy having a conversation with Anto, who was advising him on how to handle such situations.

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Below is a video;




What else do you call provocation???

What led to this?#BBNaija #BBNaijaUpdates pic.twitter.com/9a9pyEJU0M

— BBNaija (@BBNaijaUpdates) April 6, 2018

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“He is so Pathetic and Useless, King of Gossips” – Cee C Blast Tobi (Video)
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