#BBnaija – See the housemates up for Possible Eviction this Sunday

Another BBnaija nomination recently went down and also Khloe is the HoH for the week and she has picked Rico to share the luxury bedroom with her.
Below are how the nominations happened;

Cee C nominated Alex and Anto
Nina nominated Cee C and Lolu

Rico nominated Cee C and Lolu
Anto Nonimated Cee C and Rico
Lolu nominated Cee C and Miracle
Alex nominated Rico and Cee C
Miracle nominated Cee C and Lolu
Khloe nominated Alex and Nina
Tobi nominated Lolu and Nina
HoH khloe then used a chance card to put Miracle up for possible eviction, therefore the housemates up for possible eviction on Sunday are –
Alex, Cee C, Lolu, Nina, Rico and Miracle

Big Brother also addressed the Outfit issues with Cee C, Tobi and Miracle

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Big brother addresses outfit issues with Cee C, Miracle and Tobi. #Bbnaija pic.twitter.com/ks3DXSu8ER

— #bbnaija (@OloriSupergal) April 2, 2018


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