#BBnaija: “What can you do, Who Are you” Cee C Blast Nina (Video)

Nina and Cee C were involved in a heated argument moments after the housemates made their presentation.

Judging from video clip below, the argument was clearly about food sharing in the house.  

Nina seems to be attending to kitchen duties by sharing the food when Cee C flared up and got offended by the way the food was being shared. This made Nina react also, then the pair got involved in an argument.

Cee C later had to be restrained by RICO and taken outside to cool off as Lolu was no where to be found, this time around.

Cee C said Nina threatened her and this provoked her. She also made it known that Nina was too small to warn her. She also made gest of Nina’s cooking by saying her stew wasn’t properly cooked.
Below is clip;

— calmangel (@calmangel08) March 19, 2018






This CeeC is really a bully and she is trying to make @BBNaija to give #Nina a strike, seriously it doesn’t make any sense at all #BBNaija pic.twitter.com/AlLlVpf6Wa

— Abdul Qudus (@garubs4real) March 19, 2018

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#BBnaija: “What can you do, Who Are you” Cee C Blast Nina (Video)
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