#BBnaija “Get Out, You Short Human Being” Alex Blast Cee C. (Video) #BBnaija2018

Just as the task for the day was about to start, Alex and Cee C got involved in another heated argument that almost got physical if not for the intervention of Rico and Nina.

The issue started when housemates were given their daily task by Big brother, Alex and Cee C then had different opinions on how the task should be done and all hell broke loose.

The pair began exchanging harsh words and Alex became offended by Cee C’s remark about her not finishing her education in the university but alex fired back by saying despite her higher education, they are in the same place, chasing the same dream.

However, Cee C, insisted that Alex has no life and is below her. Saying she needs to be humble and learn from those higher up.

This made Alex loose her cool, she then made a offense comment about Cee C’s height, calling her a Short Human being. HoH miracle and Teddy A then had to calm the pair down before it escalates any further.
Below is Video;




Part 1 of Alex and Cee c FIGHT. Alex has finish Cee C 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 #TeamMiracle #BBNaija pic.twitter.com/OGoTi6NJiT

— #BBNaija (@1sexyglad) March 21, 2018

Cee C have start Again ooo…

Alex: Cee C Open Your eyes and talk to me
Cee C: Alex don’t have a Life..

😌🙄🙄🙄🙄… #BBNaija pic.twitter.com/A4Stw1C1aw

— #BBnaija (@surest_diva) March 21, 2018





Cee c caught on tape saying Alex is below her level in life #BBNaija pic.twitter.com/HM7tbE4rxl

— Hugh (@Hugh08935848) March 21, 2018


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