#BBnaija “Eat it na, Maybe it will give you Sense” Nina Blast Cee C (Video)

Once again, there was another heated argument over food this morning in the BBnaija house. And guess who was involved… , You’re right, it was Cee C. However, it seems like Nina was at fault.

But all hell broke loose when khloe got involved, the two ladies then began yelling at Cee C who didn’t hold back either.

The issue began when Nina had a taste of Cee C’s food without her permission.  And our regular drama queen flared up and a shouting competition began.

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Nina then later apologized for her actions

Below are clips of the argument.






Koko -Ceec: “ I won’t be your big sister, I won’t be the one to help you,

when you walk outside this door, there will be psychiatric preparation for you”#BBNaija

Everyone ❤️ koko right now 😂 pic.twitter.com/0nF726OKHG

— 🙏🏾💕🇬🇭 (@AkuaGhana) March 27, 2018



Koko😭😭😭😭😭😭😭…proud of u Koko😂😂😂..Ceec ur last time calling Nina a dustbin😕😡😡#BBNaija pic.twitter.com/JEd0gtvVGz

— kuukua fouillard🇬🇭 (@kuukuafouillard) March 27, 2018

Proud of Nina 😭😭😭😭#BBNaija pic.twitter.com/L1iMjJXvdm

— kuukua fouillard🇬🇭 (@kuukuafouillard) March 27, 2018


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