RCCG 2018 Fasting and Prayer Point for Today – 6th July




Fear is the opposite of faith. It has been described as “false evidence appearing real”. Fear (of torment) is also distressing emotion arouse by threat of impending danger, pain or evil 1 John 4:18.

 Father!!! we thanked you for the past and present victories over anxiety.

 Father!!! Deliver every member in all RCCG Parishes globally body from the spirit of fear in Jesus Name.



 Father!!! Wipe away every agent of fear from your Church in Jesus name.


 Father!!! Increase our faith in you in Jesus Name.

 Father!!! Restore back whatever we have lost to the devil through fear and anxiety in Jesus Name.

 Father!!! Help us to start each day with you, and order my steps aright through fear in Jesus name.

 As the Lord lives I shall not fall into bondage of fear again in the Name of Jesus.


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