#BBNTRIVIA – How to Play #BBnaija Weekly Game – Win Cash Prizes via www.bbntrivias.com

Big Brother Nigeria fans now have a chance to also win some cool cash and prizes from the comfort of their homes by participating in the BBN Triva. BBN TRIVIA is the 1ST of its kind on THE BIG BROTHER NAIJA Show. Watch. Predict. WIN





    It is just like participating in Big Brother but from the comfort of your home.
    With BBN trivia, you can predict and stand a chance of winning up to N1,000,000 and other amazing prizes. Today might just be your lucky day!!!
    You are a few steps from becoming a winner. 

    Visit www.bbntrivias.com today and play! 


    How to Play via SMS

    Simply send the trivia code + Answer Code to 33055

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    You can participate through Web channel bbntrivias.com A default trivia is displayed depending on the current trivia running Select “Other trivia” if the default trivia is not what you want to predict , select the trivia you want to participate. 

    After selecting the trivia you wish to participate in, click on the select button i.e the Answer code this is the housemate’s code which will be displayed Next, input phone number, An OTP will be sent to the inputted phone number which will expire after 5 mins. 

    On successful verification, a payment modal is displayed, where card details are to be inputted. Upon successful payment, the prediction will be submitted/successful.



    How to Play BBN Trivia via Local Agents

    You can participate through Local Agents,
    – Viewers walk into any of our authorized prediction center
    – Pays agent trivia fee, agent logs in on bbntrivias.com
    – Selects trivia a question
    – Selects preferred contestant’s id
    – Agent inputs viewer’s phone no and a confirmation SMS “OTP” is sent to the viewer’s phone number
    – Viewer inputs OTP
    – A payment modal pop ups agent inputs card details & submits
    – Card and payment verification is done

    – Prediction submitted

    The winners’ numbers will be displayed during the live show and also a notification will be sent to the winners. For validation purpose, before the prizes are given, the winner will provide other forms of identification. This raffle will be drawn WEEKLY few minutes after the live show on SUNDAYS.

    Viewers are allowed to submit MULTIPLE ENTRIES to stand a chance to win any of the prizes weekly.

    BBN Trivia Question of the Week

    To Get the BBN Trivia Weekly Question – Click Here

    Trivia and Answer Code

    for the latest weekly trivia code – Click Here

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