#BBnaija – ALL Housemate Pairs Nominated for Possible Eviction, Except

The Big Brother naija weekly nomination for Sunday eviction went down today and housemate pairs have nominated one another for this weeks eviction.

Before we checkout the nominations, below are the housemate pairs and their Names;

The names:
Vandora / Dee-One #VanDee
Cee-C / Tobi #CeeBi
Bam Bam / TeddyA #BamTeddy
Alex / Leo #LEOLEX
Princess / Bitto #Prito
Anto / Lolu #Loto
Ahneeka / Rico Swavey -#Rineeka
K.brule / Khloe -#KSquare
Miracle /Nina -#Mina
Ifu Ennada / Angel – #AngelIFU




This weeks BBnaija Housemate Nominations

Mina nominated – BamTeddy and Loto
Vandee nominated  – Mina and Ceebi
Prito nominated  – Ceebi and Mina

Rineeka nominated – Mina and Loto 
Bamteddy nominated  – Mina and Loto 
Loto nominated  – Ceebi and Mina
Ceebi nominated  – Vandee and Loto
LeoLex nominated – AngelIfu and Mina
AngelIfu – Ceebi and Mina
KSquare – Vandee and Ceebi

However, because housemates conspired biggy decided to put all contestants up for possible eviction.

As HOH biggy asked Khloe to save a pair and she choose to save Alex / Leo #LEOLEX.

Also note that BBnaija voting is now currently active – To vote for housemate – Click Here

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