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Update on NPower PPA Posting Letters for Final Selected Applicants (2017-2018)

Below is the latest NPower News update regarding the Deployment letters for 2017 applicants.

Good Morning, It has come to our attention that some states have been awarding posting letters to N-Power pre-selected applicants.

LET US BE VERY CLEAR At this point, there are ONLY Pre-Selected applicants, we shall announce and release the names of the FINAL SELECTED BENEFICIARIES when we have finished reviewing the returns of the Physical Verification compilations.

States can ONLY deploy Final Selected Beneficiaries. We will assume that States who are currently deploying PRE-SELECTED APPLICANTS are expanding their charity base as we currently have NO ENGAGEMENT with these pre-selected applicants until we have announced and communicated same.

We are currently reviewing the returns of the Physical Verification compilations and we shall communicate progress and next steps on our Social Media Channels.

Have a great day.

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