RCCG Fasting Date for 2019 – WEDNESDAY 16th Jan (Day 6)





DAY 6: WILLINGNESS AND COMMITMENT Rom. 6:17, Josh. 24:14, Isa. 1:19, I Chro 28:9
1. Father give us the grace to please you in all that we do in this year 2019
2. Holy Spirit; let us make use of grace for aggressive evangelism. Revive us for winning souls this year, 2019 more than before.
3. Father, be merciful unto us in any way we have not been faithful in honoring you with our first fruit, giving our tithes and offerings regularly.
4. Father arise, and show yourself mighty on our behalf and on the behalf of our Parishes and family members
5. Father arise and help me to stir up the giant in me
6. Father help me to recover all the lost grounds in this New Year 2019
7. Father! Help me to forever be relevant and never become a man of yesterday. 1Sam 16:1
8. Father, you are the help of the helpless, help us to be united and help RCCG to forever be relevant
9. Thank God for His mercy on RCCG. Rom. 9: 15-16
10. Let us thank God for His new move in raising a New Army of vibrant youths in RCCG . Isa. 43: 18 -19

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