NYSC 2018 Registration: How to Pay with REMITA via NYSC Portal – nysc.org.ng

The NYSC has announced a new payment option for prospective corp members. Payment will now be made using the Remita Pay engine and the proccess can be easily be done via the NYSC official portal by following the instruction below;



    The PCM should go to the portal home page (nysc.org.ng) and follow the following steps:
    STEP 1 Click on “Login”.

    STEP 2 PCM enters Email ID and Password to login

    STEP 3 PCM clicks on “click here to make payment”.
    After a successful login,The PCM will click on “Proceed to Payment,” once the payment confirmation page is displayed, the PCM will be redirected to Remita Payment Engine with various payment options.
    Option A:

    Pay for NYSC with Debit Cards and Wallet

    – PCM clicks on “Pay now with Cards or Wallets”

    – PCM provides card details, pin and any other information required and if the transaction is successful, the redirect URL is loaded

    – Click on status of the transaction.
    Option B:

    Pay at Bank Branch with Generated Remita RRR Number

    – Copy the RRR number generated by NYSC portal and take to any of the approved banks. Click on “see available bank branches” to view the banks.

    – After making the payment at the bank branch, the PCM can check payment status on the URL: https://portal.nysc.org.ng/nysc1/TransactionStatus_remita 

    – PCM inputs transaction reference number/email id or phone number used in Registering online.

    – Click on “continue” to query Remita and view the transaction detail?

    – Click on “Get status” to view the details of payments.





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