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Integrated Personnel and Payroll Information System, IPPIS, is a federal Government’s reform initiative conceived to transform the Nigerian Public Service and make it more efficient and effective in service delivery.



    The department is responsible for processing and payment of salary to over Three hundred thousand (300,000) Federal Government Employees across the 459 MDAs. IPPIS aim is to enrol into the platform, all Federal Government MDAs that draws personnel cost fund from the Consolidated Revenue Fund.
    Advantages and Benefits
    The objectives of the programme amongst others are:
    – Centralise payment of salaries;
    – Facilitate convenient staff remuneration payment with minimal wastage;
    – Facilitate easy storage, updating and retrieval of personnel record for administrative and pension processing;
    – Aid manpower planning and budgeting;
    – Ascertain actual personnel emoluments of the Federal Government employee;
    – Prompt deduction and remittance to accounts of all third parties such as PFAs, NHF, PAYE, etc.
    Among the benefits of IPPIS programme include:
    i) Prompt and easy payment of salaries to Public servants;
    ii) Storage of Personnel records in a centralised database;
    iii) Ascertainment of actual personnel costs of Federal Public servants;
    iiii) Biometric capturing of all staff;
    v) Elimination of ghost workers in the Public Service;
    vi) Prompt remittances of third parties deductions to PFAs, NHF and PAYE etc;
    vii) Substantial savings in Personnel costs by Federal Government which are being used for Overhead and Capital releases to MDAs.
    viii) MDAs on board IPPIS enjoy the flexibility to carry out some basic operations on the IPPIS Application.

    IPPIS Requirements for Verification Exercise

    The important thing in this ippis verication are as follows :
    – IPPIS number
    – Registration token
    – MDA forward details of their AS IS Nominal Roll, Role Players and Organizational Structure (i.e., list of Departments, Divisions, Sections and Units) must be forward to [email protected] and [email protected]
    – MDAs Structures are processed and uploaded onto the portal by the SysAdmin in the OHCSF to enable employees of the MDAs to select their Depts, Divisions, Sections and Units as appropriate while updating their details on the Data Collection Portal.
    – MDAs to notify all documented employees to update their details within a two weeks window
    – Director HR in MDA generates Nominal Roll based on newly captured employee records for authentication and approval by Accounting Officer, at the end of portal update.
    – MDA presents authenticated Nominal Roll during physical verification exercise

    IPPIS verification 2018 – How to Register Online

    To complete the IPPIS data capture and online registration verification successfully, you should follow the steps listed below:
    1) First, you should visit the official site verification.ippis.gov.ng to log in to your IPPIS account;
    2) Then type in your IPPIS Number;
    3) Now input your IPPIS Registration Token;
    4) After that, enter Captcha Text for the verification, as shown in the picture above;
    5) Then click on “Login” to proceed to the next step and take further actions.

    How to Re-Generate Lost IPPIS Registration Token

    1) First of all, click “Generate Token”;
    2) Then enter your IPPIS Number;
    3) Then enter your Email Address;
    4) Finally, fill in your registered Phone Number and then hit “Generate Token”.
    At this stage, you should get a response from the IPPIS website about your Token Status.

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