2019 Spelling Bee Competition in Nigeria, Rules, Word List & Registration



The National Spelling Bee Competition was established years back to promote leadership and communication abilities in the children from a very tender age. The competition is designed for students between the ages of 8 and 13, to inculcate the basic imperatives of effective communication ultimately affecting improved spelling skills, development of poise, increase students’ vocabulary, pronunciation and accurate word usage.


Nigerian Spelling Bee 2019

The goal of the Nigeria Spelling Bee Competition is to bring out the best in every Nigerian student by rewarding the winners with amazing prizes and scholarships while also making the runners-up study harder.

Nigeria Spelling Bee Competition is all about bringing the best out of Nigeria and showing the world our Nigerian spelling prowess.



Participants will be asked to spell words from the English, and selected words from Yoruba, Hausa and Igbo languages.




  • Must attend a  Primary or Secondary School in Nigeria.Spellers may register under their schools or privately but must supply their school details.

    Spellers who will be in Final Senior Secondary School (SS3) as at 2018/2019 academic session or have passed Senior Secondary School 2 (SS2) are not eligible.

    The organizers of the Nigeria Spelling Bee may disqualify, prior to, during, or after the competition, any speller who is not in compliance with any of the Eligibility Requirements or rules of the competition.


Spellers are advised to register early and download the Study Guide and start practising early.

Spellers are required to study English words by studying the Study Guide for this season which is available after registration. Note that The “Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary, New 8th Edition, (Windows Application)” is the sole source of words and adjudication criteria for this season.

The competition at state and regional levels may run into late evenings, schools are adviced to inform parents and make provision for spellers.

Spellers are required to study the Indigenous Words (Yoruba, Hausa & Igbo) included in the study guide as those are the words that may be asked during the 1st/Fun Round of the competition. (NOTE: The indigenous words will NOT be used to disqualify a speller at the State and Regional Level.)

Spellers are required to Print the Registration Confirmation page after submitting the e-Registration form.

Spellers are required to upload a recent passport photograph during registration as it will be used to identify spellers during the competition.




Registration is online on the e-portal( www.nigeriaspellingbee.com/register )



  • Spellers shall start competing from the State Qualifier in their respective states. (Note that two or more states may be merged due to low registrations –below 50per state)
  • Top Spellers at the State Qualifiers will participate in the Regional Qualifier in their respective regions.
  • Top Spellers at the State Qualifier will be informed of the state of the Regional Qualifier.
  • Top Spellers at the Regional Qualifier will participate at the National Finals (Grand Finale)
  • Top Spellers at the Regional Qualifiers will be informed of the State where the National Finals (Grand Finale) will hold.


Hosting Rights and Benefits

As the Nigeria Spelling Bee progresses into the 2019 Season starting from August 2018, we invite schools (other bodies too) to join us as stakeholders in making the season the best season yet.



Outlined below are benefits and requirements to have the hosting rights for both the State and Regional levels of the 2019 Season of the Nigeria Spelling Bee. Note: No payment is required to host the Nigeria Spelling Bee.


Nigerian Spelling Bee Competition Vocabulary List

You can prepare for the nation spelling bee competition using the wordlist – HERE 

Also read the study guide – HERE




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