Glo Internet not opening Blogger Hosted blogs without HTTPS(SSL) on Chrome, Mozilla

At the moment Glo Nigeria internet is unable to open sites hosted on blogger. This has been going on for weeks now and has frustrated both visitors and blog owners. Some of the popular affected web browsers are Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Internet Explorer.

A topic was raised about this on Nairaland and Glo has been notified, Sadly nothing has been done about this.





The cname and which are used by blogger hosted sites with custom domains cannot be reached with Glo internet. 
How to fix this Problem.
If you are currently using Glo internet, you access blogs hosted on blogger with the following methods;
1. Browse with Opera Mini, Puffin or UC Browser on Mobile
UC Browser, OM and Puffing aren’t among the affect browsers. You can download them from your device app stores.
2. Install a free VPN and surf on PC
You can download SurfEazy VPN. This will let you visit any website of your choice, just like a normal internet connection should.
3. Enable https(ssl) on blogger custom domain
Google recently advised all site owners to encrypt the information sent between the visitor and web server by enabling SSL certificates. HTTPS ensure a safer and faster browsing experience. 
I notice Glo internet opens blogger blogs with https(ssl). This might be what affected the connectivity on Glo network.
4. Migrate from Blogger to WordPress 




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While we wait for this to be fixed, keep using these temporary solutions listed above.



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